Tyson vs Jones Jr “What You NEED TO KNOW” smh…

So before you all watch the Mike Tyson fight tonight on PPV here are a few things you should know!

First off this is an exhibition match. If either guy gets knocked down there will be NO 10 COUNT. Instead the hurt fighter will be examined by the ref who will instruct both fighters to return to their corner. They will then make a decision if the fight will continue (from my understanding).

If anyone gets cut the fight will be called off as well. Also if knocked down the fighters will both have as much time as needed to recover and be able to return to the fight.

Tyson has not had a fight in 15 years now

So the big question is “what Mike Tyson are we getting tonight?” And if anything will sell this PPV it is that exact question. Are we getting the young maniac from the mid 90’s or will we be seeing the mature changed man who now runs a successful marijuana company and loves to trip on all sorts of hallucinogenic.

Yeah in case you have not been following the scene for awhile then you have missed out on transformation within one of the most insane finishers in the world!

If you are a fan of his podcast then you already know that Tyson is living out somewhat of a hippy life style and has become extreamly in tune with life and the meaning of it all.
So this should be very interesting to see if Tyson can get back in touch with the beast inside him or will we get another Chuck vs Tito 3 failurview…?

Oh i almost forgot


So there’s that.



What are your thoughts?
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A TRIBUTE To Alex Trebek: MMA Jeopardy (Most Intense Rivalry)

In memory of the late great Alex Trebek

We thought it would be an excellent idea to re-upload one of the most intense and hilarious episodes of all time! Yep that’s right it’s the Rematch of Juice vs Rhino in MMA Jeopardy!

This episode has Gone Down as one of the most INTENSE AND LEGENDARY episodes to date that will leave you all screaming for more!!!

For those of you who don’t know:

Last month we held an MMA Trivia Tournament where we saw Juice and Rhino clear their competition out with their MMA Knowledge but only ONE MAN took home bragging rights…. JUICE!!!!


The game has changed as we set up a completely interactive game show where both Contestants will actually be able to BUZZ in directly from their cell phones to answer questions in this mock Up of Jeopardy!

You DO NOT Want To Miss This One!

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⏰8:00pm ET

So you can put your MMA knowledge to the test as you play along LIVE in the YouTube LIVE CHAT or in the comment section!

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Have you ever wondered what makes so many people such die hard fans of MMA?

For many outsiders of the sport the immediate answer is obviously the action that takes place during a fight right?

  • A 6 Second Flying Knee KO?
  • An underdogs victory over an undefeated fighter?
  • A stand up fighter submitting a submission specialist?
  • A back and forth action packed fight for the title?
  • The Sh*+ talking that builds hype before a big main event?

Yes all of these scenarios are a big part of why we tune in every week especially if we are trying to show someone the sport for the very first time.

But is that all? Or is there something that lies much deeper within a fighter that keeps us coming back?

For me I began watching MMA back in highschool when BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture were the big stars of the time. Other than renting the original UFC events from the early 90’s with my old man on the weekends, I didn’t really appreciate anything about the sport other than how a fight was finished.

Until my life fell into a dark place after I graduated where I was having to fight off the grips of an awful addiction and deal with the deaths of my best friends and girlfriend, I found myself looking deeper into what really made this sport the best on the planet!

It was only when I saw threw the bright lights of my idols when I realized that these athletes were no different than you or I! They all rested their heads on a pillow at night, they all had their own problems at home or had deep issues going on in their lives. And somehow they had to stay calm cool and collected before stepping into the ring where they had another man (at the time there were no woman) across the cage who was trying to pound their head into the canvas or choke them unconscious!

That alone is respectable, let alone the layers of real life issues that have been weighing them down. This shows us that these are just ordinary men no different than you or I who have learned the importance of self discipline. Anyone out there who is Battling depression, addiction or a recent breakup knows how hard it can be to get out of bed some days so when you hear first hand how a fighter was dealing with the loss of a step daughter or their child lying sick in a hospital before their fight it opens another door and level of appreciation for this sport!

Each and every fighter has issues going on that reflects on their performances either for better or worse!

Here are some of the best examples of fighters who have or are still dealing with difficult times that will help you really appreciate who they are and what they must or have overcome!

1) Ian Edward Heinisch

One of the most recent stories coming out of the MMA scene that has been inspiring fans is the real life underdog tale of Ian Heinisch.

For anyone out there that is reading this and has not yet heard about Ian’s story, this is one of the most relatable to this new generation of fans who have found themselves facing jail time.



The MMA Community

Depending on who you ask weather it’s a fighter, promoter or fan, you’ll seem to always get a mixed answer about the MMA Community over the years. From the Underground to Twitter and Facebook MMA fans make themselves at home on every platform and have NEVER had an issue expressing their opinion.

Yet for me I seriously consider the MMA Community unlike any other sports scene!

They are very passionate and even at times (WELL….most of the time) very overly protective of the sport and staying loyal to its rich and learn as we grow roots.

The MMA community houses a very wide verity of people from ALL OVER THE PLANET who love getting together week after week after a long busy day of work, family or battling hard times in life to unite by using social media throughout each event! There is NEVER a dull moment even when there are NO EVENTS for a week or two they will always find something to rave about or magnify out of proportion just to get a good laugh sometimes at another’s expense.

That’s what it is for me atleast! After a rough week I always have looked forward to making my predictions and conversations with tons of fans over on #MMATwitter where you feel like you have a family you never even met before! Doesn’t matter the age, how long they been watching for, there is always a spark of excitement EVEN when there is an underwhelming card that weekend.

This has helped me and many others wake up every day with excitement almost reminiscent of a childhood Xmas morning especially when there is a giant blockbuster fight that we have been counting down for. It’s wild how many people Iv met over the many years that you would never know have so much in common with you outside of MMA.

There is also the DARK SIDE of the MMA Fan Scene!

Also known as trolls! These accounts LOVE stirring up drama, looking for reactions from other fans and mostly the fighters!

Years ago the former UFC Champion Rashad Evens spoke about how these trolls effected his performances and mental state to the point where he admitted making fake accounts to respond in defense.

We see this happen a lot now where the fans actually seem to have a say in how a fighters career plays out especially when it comes to matchmaking! It’s actually pretty scary if your a fighter coming off a bad performance or made ANY sort of mistake inside and even out of the cage.

Most recently we saw the rise and possibly the fall of the young up and comer “SUGA” Sean O’Malley after his most recent loss via TKO stoppage due to an foot/ leg injury. However right before this it seemed as if he had the world in his hands and could potentially be the next big star! It also didn’t help how he responded to fans after the loss where it seemed he was making excuses and saying he still considers himself as undefeated.


If you are new to the sport i really suggest using twitter and engaging with some of the MMA groups / families on there. Here are a few hashtag groups you can check out on twitter that will usually accept any passionate fan with open arms…sometimes…



And you can even use #PureEVilMMA if you would like to meet some of the other supporters of the brand.


What are some of the reasons you love MMA?

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Conspiracies w/ TUF 5 Vet Robert "The Saint" Emerson Of Team BJ Penn! Pure Evil MMA

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  1. Conspiracies w/ TUF 5 Vet Robert "The Saint" Emerson Of Team BJ Penn!
  3. UFC 264 Pushing Past Self Doubt
  4. MMA Drama | McGregor vs Dustin 2 | Bad Decisions And More!

The REAL MMA NEWS No One Talks About w/ Manager Of The STARS Alex Bonwick!

EVil Eddie returns with a BANGER In one of this years most open conversations within the MMA Scene. Staring guest co-host and big time MMA Manager of the stars including some former UFC Champions, Alex Bonwick!

This episode will stand out as one of this years most entertaining, interesting and REALISTIC conversations you will hear as EVil Eddie and Alex dive DEEP and discuss topics NO OTHER PODCAST would dare touch!

Get your weekly dose of the most intriguing MMA NEWS going around and hear them all broken down and cut up as Alex dissects what each headline is really hiding and how they effect not only the scene but the fighters day to day lives!


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Who Is The UFC Featherweight G.O.A.T?

Featherweight G.O.A.T discussion.
• Some say Aldo
• Some say McGregor
• Some say Holloway

So who is the G.O.A.T and what does that even mean?

Max Holloway:

In my honest opinion, and you all may not agree at all, Max Holloway shouldn’t be considered a top contender for the Featherweight G.O.A.T discussion…. yeah I know you may be shaking your head right now and are probably saying or even screaming how he went on an insane 13 fight win streak and beat Aldo 2x.

And yes I completely agree that it was very impressive and also a lot of fun to witness over the years. You can also argue that Holloway came into the UFC at a very young age and bloomed after his loss to McGregor. He took that loss and was able to come back an even smarter and more technical fighter going undefeated for about 5 years.

In defense if were looking at the competition these guys faced and where the big name wins were at in their careers we can argue that Max definitely had ALL THE CHIPS STACKED against him as the UFC put him up against tough and gritty vets along with legends. Max was able to get impressive wins over

• Showtime Pettis,

• Lamas,

• Swanson,

• Jeremy Stephens,

• Leonard Garcia,

• Andre Fili

• Brian Ortega

and Cole Miller.

Yet I would argue that Max Holloway unfortunately wasn’t able to bring in the numbers or the excitement no matter how hard he was trying! It’s actually sad because he went threw such an exciting period where we as fans were watching him literally BLOOM into a future champion one fight at a time and was always able to stay humble throughout the entire ride. I just feel if you are going to be considered the G.O.A.T you must change the game somehow. Max wasn’t able to do so.

Conor McGregor:

Conor McGregor had one of the most exciting rides to the top and was able to bring fresh new eyes along with bags upon bags of cash to the UFC. From his mystic MAC Glow and Hollywood presence McGregor has made one of the most remarkable impacts within Mkxed Martial Arts. With a fairytale career right outnif a movie he was even able to seal it all off with a 13 second win over the legend himself, Jose Aldo, that blew everyone’s mind!


Many can easily argue (and I agree) that McGregor never even tried to defend his 145lbs Featherweight Title.
But we also can’t ignore how Conor did challenge himself even more so by moving up to Lightweight (155lbs) and made history by Headlining on the very first UFC PPV inside Madison Square Garden. That along with a show stopping dismantling of the Lightweight Champion at the time, Eddie Alvarez in Jaw Dropping Fashion!

Jose Aldo:

Aldo was an unstoppable force for years and years with a 19 fight win streak taking out some of the very best contenders at FW including Faber, Mike Brown, Kenny Florian, Mendes, Korean Zombie and even CUB SWANSON IN JUST 8 SHORT SECONDS! Let’s also not leave out or discredit that Aldo held the CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FOR 10 YEARS up until losing in 13 seconds to Conor McGregor at UFC 194!

➖ So who is your 145lbs Featherweight G.O.A.T❓❔❓

Let us know on Twitter @PureEVilMMA_ or @evil_ecco




UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje LIVE RESULTS

The UFC is back with one of this years most anticipated PPVs with UFC 254.

Two Champions, Two of the scenes most entertaining fighters come face to face with one of this years most nail biting matchups as Khabib defends his title once again against one of the most entertaining fighters we have seen in Justin Gaethje. The main card will begin at 2pm ET on PPV with SIX total fights leading up to the main event.

Also on this PPV card we will witness the return of the former Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker (21-5) as he takes on Jared Cannonier (13-4). With current Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya going back and forth with Jon Bones Jones the winner of this matchup may just have to wait for their title shot. Unless Whittaker puts on another jaw dropping performance as he did just a few months back against Till we may see this division put on hold once again.

Also after losing his step daughter Aniah and returning to lose his fight vs Overeem, Walt Harris (13-8) makes his heroic return to the octagon against the tough as nails Alexander Volkov (31-8). However win or lose Walt Harris will always be a real hero in our hearts and it is such an amazing lesson for everyone out there who is struggling day to day with their own battles to realize that we all must push forward and never make an excuse to quit when times get hard.

Below is the complete live updated results from UFC 254. Join us on tewitter for some live tweeting throughout the entire event @evil_ecco / @PureEVilMMA_

  • Joel Alverez Def. Alexander Yakolev via SUBMISSION (Armbar) at 3:00 of RD 1
  • Miranda Mavrick DEF Liana Jojua via TKO at 5:00 of RD 1 (Doctors stoppage)
  • Da-un-Jung and Sam Alvey go all 3 rounds that are scored a DRAW (29-28 Jung | 29-28 Alvey | 28-28)
  • Shavkat Rakhmonov DEF Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira via SUBMISSION (Guillotine choke) at 4:40 of RD 1
  • Casey Kenney DEF Nathaniel Wood via Unanimous Decision (29-28 | 29-28 | 30-27)
  • Tai Tuivasa DEF Stephan Struve via TKO at 4:59 of RD 1


  • Magomed Ankalaev (14-1) DEF. Ion Cutelaba (15-6) via via TKO at 4:19 of RD 1 |Light Heavyweight|
  • Lauren Murphy (14-4) DEF. Liliya Shakirova (8-2) via SUBMISSION at 3:31 of RD 2 |Womans Flyweight|
  • Phil Hawes (9-2) DEF. Jacob Malkoun (4-1) via KO/TKO at 0:18 of RD 1 |Middleweight|
  • Alexander Volkov (32-8) DEF. Walt Harris (13-9) via KO/TKO at 1:15 of RD 2 |Heavyweight|
  • Robert Whittaker (23-5) DEF Jared Cannonier (13-5) via Decision | Middleweight) |
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov (29-0) DEF. Justin Gaethje (22-3) via SUBMISSION at 1:34 of RD 2 |Lightweight|
Justin Gaethje comforts Khabib after falling to the center of the octagon in tears over his fathers recent passing.

UFC 253 Aftermath: Pro Reactions

This past weekend the UFC scored big with two title fights that absolutely delivered for fans around the planet tuning in!

Adesanya was able to shut the mouths of anyone out here who had even the slightest doubt in their mind that he wouldn’t be able to defend the title! Scoring a big TKO finish Adesanya moves forward as a force to be reckoned with and may even be the next PPV Star the UFC has been waiting for since McGregor!

It was nice to see Adesanya pay his respects to one of his idols and a true legend that people have been comparing Adesanya to in Anderson “The Spider” Silva. With Costa now out of the way it would be no surprise if we see Adesanya defend his Middleweight title for quite some time!

Sealing a record of 20 Professional MMA wins Adesanya also reached another level this weekend as he checked off his 100th professional fight between kickboxing and MMA!

Even with Jones vacating the LHW title it seems a lot of us would be open to seeing what would happen if we put Jon Jones and Israel Adesanaya up against one another. However Jones is insisting that he has his eyes set on the Heavyweight Division. Jones has been discussing the move up for some time now going back to his last victory over Daniel Cormier where he called out Brock Lesnar in one of the best UFC Post fight Promos we have seen in a long time!

Below is a list of some of the best tweets that were sent out by other big stars of the sport including the former LHW Champion Jon Jones who had what it felt to be around 50 or so tweets throughout the night!

Who do you see next for Adesanya and Blachowicz? Comment below! Also who is Jones fighting at Heavyweight and should he let that go and set his sights on Adesanya like both men flirted with just a few months prior to UFC 253?

Make sure to check out the weekly Pure EVil MMA Podcast on Youtube, iTunes or Spotify to stay up on all the latest MMA Headlines and entertaining interviews with some of the best fighters in the world!